zwischen is a spatial installation in the municipal gallery, Osnabrück.

The installation refers to the historical position of the building on one of Osnabrück’s oldest trading streets, as well as to the former and present-day uses of the rooms as a smithy and a gallery café.

It consists of an osna-centric mural drawing (4 x 15.60 m), the painterly background to which shows the entire world with Osnabrück at its centre. It also employs the existing objects and conditions as material: a beam-hoist still dating from the period as a smithy is set in continual slow motion by means of an electric motor, and the tables of the café are arranged in the form of a long banqueting table. Various everyday objects from the café are heaped together in an auxiliary room, only some of them accessible to visitors (e.g. the clothes rack). At one end of the room I have hung an oil painting by Osnabrück painter Paul Erhard showing the room, from the same spatial perspective, as it was when the smithy was operating in ca. 1940.

The installation creates new relations between the elements and functions of the location - as an art space and a café business.

spatial installation with osna-centric mural drawing (wall paint, pencel, acrylic, thread, nails); beam-hoist with electric motor; arrangement of tables; heap of everyday objects from the café; oil painting by Osnabrück painter Paul Erhard (loan from the smithy family).

solo show at the municipal gallery Osnabrück, 2011